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The success of The Kindle Pro and our clients lies in the unique ability to team up creating concepts that are new and not only reach (and often exceed) the business objectives, but also make the experience more engaging and rewarding for the Customer. Today’s Customers want everything! They want the advantages of digital, such as broad selection, rich product information and honest Customer Reviews. But never forget: They also want all the advantages of physical stores as well, such as personal attention and service, shopping as an event and engaging experiences


Ayur Sesha has been developed to ensure providing the best quality product suitable for the welfare of the people. We have an in-depth and long-term approach for maintaining the best ethical standards. Ayur Sesha is the all in one Herbal Pharmacy where you can easily find everything at the lowest price range. We are a strong herbal manufacturing Pharmaceutical Company known for providing strong Products. Herbals are intended to promote good health as well as wellbeing. They are not suitable to treat or fight diseases.



The Key to Healthy Lifestyle  Self Coaching Made Easy


Saaiesh Group Inc have launched our first-ever online fitness application in the year 2020 named Diet N Fit. From this mobile app, users have gained a lot. We have a good reach from the starting point itself. Till now this fitness application is having a huge demand among customers.


Changing the traditional Gym routine science-based training


Changing the traditional Gym routine to science-based training which will ensure in changing to a healthier lifestyle at an affordable cost. DNF ensures to create awareness about myths and bro-science in regards to healthy living through our online Health and Fitness Community.



India’s First Virtual Reality Studio

DNF proudly launches INDIA’S first Indoor cycling studio intergrated with Virtual Reality. The Journey in the Virtual Reality world burns extra calories, improves cardio health and works on major muscle groups as well, which gives faster result.